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Click here for all the information you’ll need to successfully run a RallySafe unit at an event: what you’ll need to know, how to buy, how to install and FAQ’s.

Competitor Information

This page contains all the information you should need to run RallySafe at an event. Below is a description of what will be needed to run RallySafe at an event, links to resources and an FAQ to answer your most frequently asked questions. Don’t forget, if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

Training Video

The video below gives an overview of the RallySafe system; including installation, the display, on-stage hazards, push to pass and more. Watch it to gain a solid understanding of what you’ll see over the course of an event.

Virtual Chicane Training Video

The video below gives an overview of the virtual chicane function of the RallySafe system.

Running RallySafe at an event

There are two components needed to run the RallySafe system in your car. The first is the RallySafe unit itself; this will be installed by event organisers or RallySafe staff, either at scrutineering or at another convenient time before the event starts.

The second is a RallySafe fitting kit. The kit includes antennas and power supply leads. In order to run RallySafe in an event (and consequently, to pass scrutineering), this will need to be installed correctly prior to the event.

How to obtain a RallySafe fitting kit

Depending on the event, the way in which you receive your kit will differ.

The first is that you will have been instructed to purchase and install a kit before the event. In this case, you can use our online store to place your order. The easiest way to do this is to purchase the All-In-One Fitting Kit.  This kit contains everything necessary to install RallySafe in your vehicle, and by using the options available, you can easily customise it to your vehicles specifications.

The second is that you will have been instructed to purchase a kit directly from the event organisers.  In this case, we recommend that you contact the event organisers to discuss purchasing/leasing of the kit.

In any case, if you need any spare or replacement parts, our online store contains everything that is in a fitting kit, along with a selection of fresh merchandise!


RallySafe Manual Mode Quick User Guide 2014 V2.4

Quick Reference Manual

Rallysafe Fitting Kit Instructions 2015 V5.1

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get a RallySafe Installation Kit?

A: You can simply get your installation kit by clicking the shop link here, limited kits will be available at each event, however we would
highly recommend having the RallySafe Installation Kit installed and tested prior to the event.

Q: What’s included in my installation kit?

A: Your RallySafe Installation Kit will come in a handy reusable ziplock bag,
containing: (1) RallySafe Installation Kit fitting instruction sheet, (1) 3in1 Aerial w/
leads (Stick on or bolt through to be advised when ordering), (1) 6 – 24v Hard wiring
loom w/plug (length to be advised when ordered), (1) Right angle roll bar mount
with ball, (1) Adjustable Clamp w/ roll bar protection strip or 50 x 75mm Flat Mount Base.

Q: Is installation included in the cost of the RallySafe Installation Kit?

A: No, Installation is the responsibility of the vehicle owner, competitor or service
crew, however, RallySafe can provide installation of the RallySafe Installation Kit at
the event for a nominal fee

Q: Can I connect wiring loom to any power in my vehicle?

A: No! As the RallySafe unit’s primary function is “Your Safety”! Power, wherever
possible, must be connected to permanent power (Direct to battery, before ignition

Q: I have bought and installed a fitting kit but due to circumstances will not be
competing in any events in the foreseeable future, can I get a refund?

A. Unfortunately a full refund can only be issued for a RallySafe Installation Kit that
is returned uninstalled (less shipping costs)however RallySafe will buy back a full
installation kit, returned in good condition at a prorated amount (less shipping costs)