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Competitors Training & Manuals


RallySafe has been designed to require as little input from the on-board crew as possible. However, in certain scenariosĀ you may be required to operate the unit, such as in the eventĀ of an incident. Here you will find the appropriateĀ resources to assist withĀ unit operation.

To the right you will see our Briefing Video tutorial and further below a downloadable PDF user manual. It is highly recommended that both driver and co-driver watch or read either one of these resources to ensure the correct operation of the RallySafe unit atĀ an event.

If you have any questions about unit operation, feel free to review theĀ FAQ or contact us directly.

Download the manual here:



Your vehicleā€™s RallySafe fittingĀ kit will be checked at event scrutineering. This is to ensure all components are correctly fitted as per the downloadable RallySafe Fitting Kit Instruction Manual, found below.

Scrutineers or RallySafe technicians will check the condition of the kit and a few things to make sure your RallySafe unit will work correctly.

Here are a few things they’ll be looking for:

  • Internal antenna placement – not within 200mm of any roll cage hoop.
  • External antenna placement – solidly on roof, preferably level withĀ the B pillar.
  • Routing of antenna & power leads – should NEVER be outside the roll cage, no tight radius bends in cables, no crushing from cable ties/hose clamps
  • Unit mounting – RAM mount is securely attached to the vehicle, unit is securely attached to the RAM mount
  • Power supply – supply is clean, supplies enough juice,Ā polarity is correct

If the scrutineer or technician does not pass the fitting kit install, a re-present may be required.

If you have any questions about scrutineering or the fittingĀ of your RallySafe kit, feel free to review the FAQ or contact us directly.

Fitting Kit InstructionĀ Manual: