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New Website Launch

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Today we launch the new version of the RallySafe Website!

Recently we have been working hard towards upgrading the websites of each member of the Status Awareness Systems family. You may have noticed a couple of months ago the RallySafe Shop received an almighty visual overhaul and it won’t be long

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until RaceSafe H2O receives the same treatment!

So what has changed?

Other than the aforementioned visual upgrade, the website is now a far more constructive and extensive source of information for spectators, competitors, organisers and officials alike. This information is delivered in the form of numerous FAQ’s, instruction manuals, and tutorial videos that will streamline the process of learning how to best make use of RallySafe technology.

If you’re just after live tracking or past event results, the new and improved Event Viewer is the place for you, which now includes more information about the event and will allow spectators to view events within a much longer date range.

If you have any feedback about the new website or any questions about RallySafe, please don’t hesitate to contact us.